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Monday, 31 December 2007

What I am NOT going to do in 2008

Inside my head it is still October, but since so many worthy and successful authors have blogs today on what they have on their To-Do-List for the coming year, I have spent time over the weekend to work on the objectives.

There is a master list of some ten key projects. Plus some lifestye goals.

Here is a snippet from the writing section.

1. I will no longer be satisfied with substandard touch typing. Right first time. Speed and accuracy. I have the Mavis Beacon DVD. I used to be better than this. Not good enough.

2. Output. I have so many story ideas there is a box file full to bursting. Time to create those tales and get them onto paper. No matter if they are not sold tomorrow - they will be one day and in the meantime I have lived in the story moment. Write fast. Write passionately.

With one, single, HUGE condition before any new file is opened.

3. I have to work more FUN into the writing process. I want to laugh out loud every day. If the writing is not enjoyable, I have to be brave enough to recognise that it is not working, and fix it or shelve it and move on to something which does give me pleasure - and hopefully will give a reader pleasure.

I love to get up every day excited and enthusiastic about what I am working on that day - and still be excited and dreaming about that story late into the night. It is a fantastic feeling.

Rather like being in love in fact.

Hold that thought.

Because I do know one thing.

Unless I want it enough, it simply will not happen. And I have the boredom threshold of a toddler in an empty room.
I know what excites and interests me. What I love to read and write.
2008 is the year when I focus on what makes me happy.
And if that sounds self-indulgent, then so be it. My life, my choices.
Now. All I have to do is identify the barriers between where I am now, and where I want to be, work out how to trample down/jump over those barriers, and make those objectives happen.
And there is only one person who can do that.
On with the show.

No YouTube at the moment. Listening to the soundtrack from the movie 'Amelie' on my PC.


Kate Hardy said...

Your #3 is very, very perceptive. If you're not enjoying writing it, your readers won't enjoy reading it. So write what works for you. Write what makes your heart beat faster. And enjoy it.

Happy new year :o)

Debs said...

You always write such thought-provoking posts. You're right this should be fun. Have a great year x

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Good luck with everything - I should do the typing one :D

And be sure to take a few days between stories to recharge...and submit! You can do it!

Ray-Anne said...

Thank you ladies. It is nice to have validation now and then that I am not completely off track.

Hope you all have a wonderful and happy 2008.

Phillipa said...

Happy New Year Ray-Anne. I agree with Kate. Write what excites and touches you. Here's wishing you every success in 2008. P x