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Thursday, 27 December 2007

Back to Work

Here we are again. Full of Yule Tide spirit [ Tawny 20 yr old Port] and Chocolate trufflalicious.

And on with the show.

Before I return to my revisions, I have taken time out today to:

* go to the shops for more post-Christmas writer's trousers. [ Baggy bottom, wide leg, elastic waistband. Say no more.]

* catch up on a few sites I have neglected for a while. One of these was J A Konrath+ who has been musing on Resolutions for Writers - past and current. He has some excellent suggestions, and one of these stuck with me.

'I Will Feed My Addiction.
Life is busy.
There are always things you can and should be doing, and your writing career often comes second. So make it come first. Right now, you're reading A Newbie's Guide to Publishing. Not A Newbie's Guide to Leading a Content and Balanced Life.
You want to get published and stay published?

That means making writing a priority. That means making

A sacrifice involves choosing one thing over another.
If you can't devote the time, energy, and money it takes to
pursue this career, go do something else.

He is right. There will ALWAYS be something easier to do with your time than create a career, a business if you will, from your writing.

Of course, if this was some type of PROPER Sole-Trader business, eg. shop owner or tradesman, then yes, surely you would expect to work all of the hours to get it up and runnning so that your customers obtain precisely the product they need ahead of schedule.

So why do we not always look at our writing in this way?

I find that very interesting.

No YouTube today. Radio playing in the background.

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