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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Still Editing

There is a story in here.

I just have to create the right shape. That's all.
I am going out now. I may be some time....


Kate Hardy said...

Did you know that researchers have found the perfect mix for sandcastles? 1 part water to 8 parts sand.

Bit like writing romance, really. The mixture to make it work = character + conflict + resolution... but give 10 authors the same mix and they'll come up with 10 different sandcastles.

(That's profound for a Monday morning when I'm trying to convince myself that lavender and lemongrass tea will be better for me than coffee...)

Ray-Anne said...

Sainsburys China and Darjeeling loose tea. One teaspoon into a large coffee cafetiere.
The sandcastles in this story have serious delusions of grandeur and I am accutely aware that I making life far more difficult for myself/my characters than it needs to be. Those ivory towers with hanging baskets look nice but they don't serve much purpose.
This is one which is going to have to be put to one side for a week before being sent off.

[currently at 49k after ripping out about 15k - two big scenes to go. more tea please.]