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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Multi-Media Options

Because Santa is so busy, Mr Ray-Anne has my new Darren Hayes CD to wrap. I have his 5 disc [ yes, I did say 5] special edition Bladerunner DVD set. There are probably 10 films and shows recorded from the TV waiting to be watched. Plus DVDs of the latest blockbusters from Amazon.
The TV guide for the holidays is sitting on the breakfast table and we idly flick through and circle a few things. For every day. Including some most excellent BBC radio programmes.
The local Cinema is showing 'Enchanted.'
I was struck this morning by how much technology has changed the way we celebrate the Christmas holiday and approach our leisure time - in our culture at least.
Cable Tv. DVDs. Cds. Radio. Video. Home Cinema. Big Screen out with the popcorn sitting with other people cinema. The theatre. Live concerts. Your local Pantomime.
Is anyone besides myself exhausted yet?
I can imagine folks arguing about what, when, how it can all be fitted in. Then cross words when they miss it, or, perish the thought, someone wants to watch the other channel!
Except of course, you probably have more than one TV, and the children watch their own progs and talk to their friends on cell phones in their own rooms. Away from the family who are so BORING.
They might have a point.
No YouTube today. In the spirit of this post, I am going to work away from the PC and study story structure.
My WIP is at what I call the 'Reasonable' Draft Stage. 52k. 12 chapters. Now it's time to challenge myself and my characters. Time to dig even deeper.
Miner's helmet on. Ice axe in hand. I'm going in.


Debs said...

I'm exhausted too and have no idea how I'm going to get everything done on time. Good for you with the word count, well done.

Ray-Anne said...

Courage ma brave, courage.
Failing that, Gin and Tonic.