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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christmas Movies

There are two hot Christmas movies this year -

* Enchanted. The Disney re-worked version of Cinderella. Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey star in a clever combination of animation and live action.

* The Golden Compass. The mega blockbuster version of the Philip Pullman book, which we know as 'The Northern Lights'. Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman and top cast with amazing effects to recreate the fictional world.

Both are intended for family audiences. Both have popular stars and both have been written and directed by big names.

Serious money has been spent by the studios.

Except for one thing. You cannot buy MAGIC.

And only a live audience can tell you whether a particular movie has that spark, that touch of delight which will bring a smile to children and adults. Make us watch it twice. Buy the DVD. Jostle for the merchandise for Xmas stockings.

And to me, that does not necessarily have to be expensive CGI polar bears or animated singing animals.

The reviews are already in from professional film critics on both movies.

Time to decide for ourselves.
The trailer for 'Enchanted' is here:

It will be my personal duty to report back on the viewing experience for your education and delight. And of course, RESEARCH for creative writing! Nothing like a powerful movie script to get the muse working! See the plucky heroine, hiss at the nasty villain, swoon at the handsome hero. Lights! Action! Camera.

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