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Friday, 14 December 2007

New Year Resolutions?

I am still reeling from the recognition that it is now DECEMBER and I have no clue what happened to November. Some folk are already thinking about their plans for 2008.

Michael Angier ( has a list of 101 best end of year questions and 101 best new year questions.

They include:
• If I had this year to do over, what would I have done more of?/ Less of?
• What would make my life more enjoyable?/meaningful?/comfortable?/challenging?

• how much am I willing to invest in my personal and professional growth this (coming) year? Where and how will I make this investment in myself?

• In what ways can I have more passion in my life?

• To whom do I need to express my thanks and appreciation?

If you want a copy of his questions, go here:

Jurgen Wolff [] has used these challenges to come up with (and answer) some similar questions specifically about writing.

For example:
* What single thing did I do this year that most advanced my writing?

* Who or what inspired me the most?

* What is my writing goal for next year?

* What is the single thing that is most likely to help me achieve that goal?

* What can I do TODAY to move even one tiny step to move me toward that goal?

I shall put this to one side until the current WIP is finished, but food for thought, especially when we are running around during the next two weeks.

No Youtube. Radio 3 this morning. JS Bach Double Violin Concerto.


Debs said...

Very good points. They certainly make you think.

Barbara Martin said...

Such is the journey of an aspiring writer. Perhaps 2008 will be your year to shine.