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Sunday, 2 December 2007

To Do List

I did have a plan of things I HAD to complete by the end of November.

What happened to November?

It was there one minute, and now... SIGH

The extra time I had allowed for my edited WIP to sit to one side before submission has vanished into the ether.
Send it anyway?
No. That would be not be fair to an editor who already has a workload with PUBLISHED authors. And we are now into December in the publishing industry.
AND it would not be the best possible version of the story I want to create.

So I have to bite the bullet and send it in later than I would have liked.
Not good.
But a learning exercise in just how long it takes me to re-write.

Go here to find out what swallowed up Jenny Crusie's November. I suspect she got the better deal.

and here for fun in the shape of an advert:

What's playing on my HeadPhones right now? Darren Hayes. The Tension and the Spark.

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