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Friday, 21 December 2007

Digital Metaphors

I was looking through some holiday photos from September in Austria, and came across a series which seem to capture the journey of a pre-published author perfectly.

* It all looks lovely from up here

* This map must be wrong - been wandering around here for ages and no clear path ahead

* That gorge is HOW deep? And this is the only way across?

* Holding on for dear life and shuffling forward one step at a time.

Anyone reading this post is more than capable of adding clever captions.

Any suggestions??

PS. Yes I know I look daft in that outfit. And somewhat bewildered.


Debs said...

You're a braver soul than I am crossing that gorge!!!!!! I got vertigo looking at the picture. The photos were beautiful.

Ray-Anne said...

It was a mesh bridge held up by a cable on each side. And just when I reached the middle, two 'clever' lads behind me decided to jump up and down and make it swing a bit from side to side. For fun.