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Monday, 17 December 2007

Hero Archetype- The Chief

The Chief: a dynamic leader, he has time for nothing but work.

He might have been born to lead, or perhaps he conquered his way to the top, but either way, he’s tough, decisive, goal-oriented. That means he is also a bit overbearing and inflexible.

The bad news is - this hero is going to have a lot of backstory conflict to overcome. And with that comes all of the Alpha Male characteristics as a top layer.

The good news is - who doesn't love a boss and secretary story? The self-made billionaire who is looking for the right woman to break his heart and his lonely existence? The prince. The sheik. All have responsibilities and accountabilities.
And potential for great heros.
Got to love the chiefs.
What's playing on my YouTube right now? Wake-up POWER music. Matrix/Stargate Sci-fi action comp. LOUD!! with brilliant graphics.

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