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Thursday, 30 August 2007

If Music be the Food of Love...

Some of you may have noticed that I enjoy music. A lot.

YouTube is amazing. There are people who have gone to the trouble of loading video and music tracks onto the system so that the rest of the world can enjoy them for the price of broadband.

Such as a recording of Sergei Rachmaninov playing his own music from 1929.

But the joys of the internet are not limited to visuals, and sometimes I need the sound through my headphones and not the pictures.

That's when I turn to:

1. Radio 3. Both Live and the listen again feature, so that you can hear your favourite kind of music as and when you want. Terrific resource. And NO ADVERTS. For this I pay my TV licence fee without quibbles.

2. Streaming Soundtracks. Some of the finest composers on the planet create music for the movies - this is one way of enjoying the best.

3. from the Music Genome Project, a place you can type in your favorite song and get other songs with similar melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, a great way to find new music you know you’re going to like. Does not carry classical music at the moment.

4. Radio over the internet. Anything you could possible want. Just Google.

5. My playlists from my own CD collection which I have copied onto my harddrive. Some days I need Bach, some days I need Heavy Rock. This is my equivalent of an IPod, since I can burn the playlists onto a CD and play the CD in the car/portable.

How do you get your fix?

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