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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Bogged down

I am now revised the first chapter five times.
It has got to the point where:
1. I have deleted and replaced the SAME SENTENCE at least three times
2. My beat sheet for this chapter looks like a SODUKU game square
3. I no longer know whether this is any good or not, and whether I am trying to fix something which is not broken and was not broken in the first place
4. I have almost 5000 words
5. Close personal viewpoint switches between the hero and heroine SIX times. In the one chapter.
6. I am tempted to mail it to the editor to get an external viewpoint, but I also would like to have a career.

Not to worry - that only leaves another eleven chapters to revise and layer up into a bestseller.
I need cake. But am trying to lose a few pounds, so the house is now a cake free zone.
YouTube? Not today gentle reader, not today.