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Friday, 3 August 2007

Chapter Two

See previous post re; multitasking. I only wish I had that amount of courage and grit and attitude. Fantastic! This woman should be a source of encouragement for every writer. Go girl! Wherever you are. You rock!

My reward for completing Chapter One? [Yes I am that pathetic.]

Liz Fielding's New August HMB Romance. Reunited: Marriage in a Million. Read it last night. Brilliant. In fact, depressingly good. The bar has just lifted a little higher. Sigh.

What is playing on my YouTube right now? Nothing. I am listening to BBC Classical Radio 3 so I am less distracted by the visuals and tempted to type in split screen so I can watch the videos at the same time.

Now. Back to it. Have a good one.


Melissa Leavitt said...
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Melissa Leavitt said...

OMG! LOve that Wonder Woman pic! You are right, that takes courage or some serious abuse of pain killers and alcohol!


Melissa Leavitt said...

Hey Ray-Anne, have you seen the Romance Novel TV's "August is START YOUR BOOK month?"

Some really great stuff in there


Ray-Anne said...

Hi Melissa - thanks for leaving a comment. Did you see that WIG??? It must have weighted a ton. I am seriously in awe.
Or perhaps your local high street is more forgiving than mine?
I only heard of Romance Novel TV the other week following their coverage of the RWA Nationals, and have watched a few of the video interviews, but had not visited the forums, so many thanks for that. I will certainly take a look.
All the best, Ray-Anne