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Saturday, 4 August 2007

I was shortlisted for a Contest!!

When I was a very small girl I won a box of Cadbury Chocolates in a geography competition at school. I took them home and showed my mum before I gobbled most of them [ lightbulb moment -so that was how it all started!]
I am excited. A few months ago I entered a contest by Trish Wylie who, as you all know, writes for HMB. The prize was stunning - a chance to work with Trish to polish a manuscript and prepare it for submission.
For me, this was a rare chance to have your work critiqued by a professional, then work with that professional on making it the best it could be.
Who could resist?
So.... I sent Trish the synopsis and partial for a story I completed earlier this year, and which is now sitting in a box, cooking for a few months, until I can distance myself from the first draft. All 49k of a first draft. I know I need two more scenes, and there are post-it notes stuck to the cover. But I had put 'Coming Home for Christmas' to one side. Physically and mentally for a few more weeks.

Until today. When Trish announced that it was one of 3 stories she had shortlisted for the contest.

How fantastic is that! Out of all the entries she received Trish choose 3 authors and I was one of them. My gob has rarely been more smacked.
Although I was not the winner, - congratulations to Janet - Trish will give me a critique of the work I sent her. Gold Dust. And incredibly generous for a working author with her own deadlines - and [ whisper] possibly even a life.
The generosity of the Romance Writing Community never ceases to amaze me.
I am not sure the same could be said for other genres. Does anyone know?
My only problem now is to keep focused on my current story when Trish mails the comments which I have no doubt will be terrific.
Sometimes it is good to have external validation.
I may stay excited for quite some time!

What is playing on my YouTube right now? Tango dancing with Antonio

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Marcy said...

Hi Ray-anne,
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Yes, I was thrilled to be short-lised too. As it turned out, I ended up submitting my ms before I heard back from Trish, but luckily I made many of the changes she suggested. And others that I didn't incorporate, I can use for when they request the full (notice I said *when* -- if I don't think positively, who will do it for me?). I was floored by how much time and effort she put into this contest. What a gem!

This is my first submission, and I really don't know what to expect. Trish said she felt I would get a request for a full--I can only hope that she's right. Hope and pray. Were your previous R's on partials or fulls?