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Thursday, 16 August 2007

The Best Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Have to share a fab recipe for fruit crumble from Heston Blumenthal with you .

Yes it looks crazy, but I have made it twice now, and it does work brilliantly.

Secret? You bake the crumble mix separately in the oven and combine it with your favourite stewed/microwaved fruit at the last minute, [you do not have to bake the two together if you do not want to.]

Which in my case was straight ontop of the hot fruit in the dessert bowls just before adding the hot custard - gorgeous.

Extra crunchy crumble and delicious, perfect fruit cooked to just how you like it.

Home grown cooking apples - bumper crop because of all the rain - and fresh picked blackberries worked a treat. A little cinnamon in the apple helped to balance the ginger in the crumble topping.

I made the full quantity then saved the cooled extra crumble mix in a food bag in the freezer.The crumble topping would also work well sprinkled on top of cake to make a streusel topping.

Warning - this is so delicious it is the perfect nibble food. Best put it out of reach asap.

Worth the effort.

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