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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Writing Resources - Vicki Hinze

Opening your eyes to technology - does not mean reinventing the wheel. These pigeons truly did take aerial photos in war times before spy planes and remote drones.
Someone much cleverer than I, said that the Internet was like having a Library at your fingertips. A huge and always expanding library which is SO easy to get lost in for days on end.
So, when I find a resource which focuses on what I need to know, I jump on it.

I first came to Vicki Hinze through the Silhouette Bombshell series and personal recommendations through the net/online communities.
I only recently discovered that Vicki Hinze has an archive of free articles on the whole world of writing, which are available through her website and blog.
The current Feature Article for example, is about Character, and well worth reading.
Although they focus on Romance and Suspense Fiction there are technical articles which could relate to any aspect of publishing.

They are listed alphabetically in the 'Writers' Library' Tab, and you can find them here:
Be sure to look back through the archive articles too.
pic from National Geographic.

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