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Monday, 7 January 2008

Revision Monday

As I noted in October, Kyle Kerr *has this comment on his blog:

'During the Maui Writers Retreat, John Lescroart made a really great speech…

He says that, during the writing process, there are two different modes an author goes into.

When she’s writing the first draft, the author is in “Genius Mode,” where everything she writes is flecked with gold and diamonds.

Then, when it comes time for editing and revision, she enters “Idiot Mode,” where the author realizes that what she had first taken for gold and diamonds is actually pyrite and kitty litter.

It’s the worst thing she’s ever seen, let alone written herself.'

Guess which mode I am in right now?

Hint - cat litter does not even come close.

*Go here for Kyle's website

No YouTube today - the visuals are too distracting for my fractured brain cell. Listening to CD of Vaughn Williams and Elgar.


Nell said...

Hugs, throw some rocks at those crows and keep going.

Debs said...

I'm right there with you Ray-Anne and know exactly how you feel.

Ray-Anne said...

Thank you ladies - and there is only one way = forward.