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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Centre of my universe

As a follow on from my post re:other writer's work space -here is MY 'room of my own' where I spent most of my day.

Yes, the door can close, although it rarely does. I have a laser printer, un-interruptable power supply and wireless broadband. There is a blackout blind, since the room is south facing, and a daylight bulb if needed.
The wall behind me has one watercolour seascape, but is otherwise blank.

If there was room, I would probably sleep there too.

Books are in other rooms around the house - far too distracting otherwise.

Each box file = one story. There are others, which even I find scary.

PS. This is the current state this morning, post submission. When I am jazzed on the next story, it does tend to look rather less tidy.


Debs said...

What a great room and so tidy. My shed is complete tip, I really should put everything in order and maybe go and buy some box files too.

liz fenwick said...

I am impressed!!!!

Kate Hardy said...

That is AMAZINGLY tidy and I'm very impressed. Definitely the kind of room where I could work. My own looks like a complete tip in comparison. It's due a post-book tidy BUT... I have proofs to sort and two more books first :o)

Interesting that you see books as a distraction. I find the internet much more of a distraction!

Ray-Anne said...

Thanks ladies.
Box files are the only way I know to keep everything for a particular story in one place - photos, clippings, scribbles, notes and print-outs, the lot.
There is one thriller which has THREE boxes - but there was a lot of research on that one.
Yes, I agree, the internet is the biggest distraction.