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Monday, 14 January 2008

Still Editing

Overused words.

Everyone does it, and if you like me, don't realise that you are doing it until someone else reads the pages.

I use this cheatsheet * using the 'FIND' function in Word -then run the spellcheck on the text, which hopefully will pick up any horrors. Search and replace is a killer.

Some might be valid of course, but at least I have decided to keep them.

*and - but (can indicate run-on sentences)
*that (unnecessary in most sentences) instead of which, and vice versa
*that (when you mean "who")
*nearly - almost
*seem - appear
*felt - feel
*begin - began
*would - should - could
"*ly" adverbs
*down - up (as in sit down, stand up - can be redundant)
*got - get

So you see, that is why I need all the help I can get!


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Debs said...

Those words are far too familiar to me. Better get back to my own editing...