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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Point of View Tuesday

Changing point of view from the hero[ Him ] to the heroine [Her] and back again.

I have 14 pages in my revised first chapter. The only POV are the hero's and heroine's - this is a short contemporary and I want to focus on the two main characters.

The POV shifts are as follows;

Her. 1,2,3 - main intro. sets out her external and internal conflicts. location one

Him. 4,5,6,7.5 - main intro. external, hints at internal conflict. location two

First meeting. Page 6.

Her. 7.5,8 - first meet reaction- location one

Him. 9,10 - impact to him of first meeting

Her. 11, 12,13,14- her story takes off from here - ends with the first plot point - action starts.

There are space breaks and scene breaks between the POV changes, but I am now wondering if I should revise again to make this a single POV after they first meet.


What's playing on my YouTube right now? North and South- Mr Armitage. In the Deep. Never saw it coming.


Nell said...

It's hard to say without reading it. If the story flows then it's fine. If the change distracts you or takes you out of the story then you need to look at it. Is there information that furthers the story that can only be told in that pov?
Sandra Marton told me once to always write the scene in the pov of the person with the most to lose. It was good advice.

Ray-Anne said...

That sounds like good advice to me Nell - thank you for that.