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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Lurv scenes

Some people adore reading love scenes, dreaming about love scenes, making up love scenes with their fav actors and actresses on Tv and movies. Watching kissing scenes on YouTube.

Some people have even been known to fast forward DVDs and Videos to their favourite 'kissy bit' [ end of North and South. YOU know what I'm talking about!]

So why is it so hard to describe them on paper?
Is there a checklist of components you need to put it all together?

Setting.- Yes, tropical sunkissed beach. Moonlit gardens, they can help. Arabian desert. No mosquitos or sand flies or other biting insects on bare bits of course, unless someone has to kiss it better. Or you are a vampire/ chimera in a graveyard.

Sensory detail - only so much you can do without it becoming a cliche = smell 1, touch 2, skin 3, taste 4, sounds 5 [ no squidge thank you]. Repeat for hero and heroine as required.

Physical detail - imagination required to make it special instead of anatomical tab a into slot b
[see squidge above]. Paranormals have some advantages here. [ Think about it....]

Emotional detail - ah. Tricky. What has brought these two people here at this moment in time? What happened before- and what is going to happen after? How has this scene changed them?

Whether you are writing erotica or sweet romance, don't we all want to add more tenderness and, well, love, into our love scenes?

Back to character again. Always back to character.

And nobody said it was going to be easy.

What's playing on my YouTube right now? The 'kissy bit' from Lost

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