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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Loving your characters

I want my heroine to be my best friend - she's great.

The hero is so gorgeous that I can't stop peering over the top of the monitor to look at him. Swoon. And did I mention that he is rich, lonely and she will fill the empty space in his heart?

And now I have to throw rocks at them and make them cry and go through the mill.

Yes, I am on chapter 6. mid point. no going back.
See Ray-Anne strapping on her sturdy boots and clutching her Leki Poles. Kendal mint cake is sticking out of her Gore-tex pockets.
Marvel as she shoulders her rucksack loaded with Craft books and print outs from articles which she will probably use to light her fire on the trail.
Wonder at her bright confidence and courage - then Prod her back out of the door and onto the editing trail as she scrambles to get back inside the house so she can drink tea, eat choc and procrastinate JUST A LITTLE LONGER before facing the uphill climb.
What's playing on my YouTube right now? Songs of the Auvergne sung by Kiri Te Kanawa. The movie is 'In My Father's Den' staring Mat MacFadyen which hopefully will be released in the UK next year. Gorgeous.

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