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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Garrison Keillor

Following from my post on Positive Thinking, purely by chance I came across an article by Garrison Keiller, the American author and radio personality, quoted on Jurgen Wolff's site from May 2007.*

'In a piece on the Kansas City Star's website, Garrison Keiller gave some advice about writing.

In part, he wrote:
"Writers get obsessed with a project and lock the doors and sit and work at it, like animals in a leg trap trying to chew through the leg, which is not good strategy.

My advice is to get out of the house and take a walk, a good first cure for the depression that hits after you’ve been working for a year and it dawns on you that your book is not The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but you must finish it anyway because the publisher’s generous advance has been spent on a new pair of shoes for the baby and she has worn a hole in them already, so you press on — on — on — though it strikes you that the world has a great many books already and does it need yours?

A long walk also brings you into contact with the world, which is basic journalism, which most writing is. It isn’t about you and your feelings so much as about what people wear and how they talk. The superficial is never to be overlooked."
"Walk briskly and it will improve your circulation and your brain will remember the basics of good writing: Cut to the chase. Cut the introductions. Cut the agonized introspection. When in doubt, write something that is fun. Write on a computer if you must but correct by hand on a typescript with a yellow No. 2 lead pencil."

Not surprisingly, these musings were prompted by the fact that he has a deadline for delivering another book very soon.'

I am currently chewing off my own leg with the WIP.

I bow to Mr Keillor.

What's playing on my YouTube right now? Darren Hayes



Julie Cohen said...

A walk is fantastically helpful to help keep you from chewing off your own leg.

Hope yours helped.

Debs said...

Thanks for your message on my blog. I agree we are all goddesses and after 6.5 hours of mopping up from a leaking boiler I think a calming walk will do me good. I thoroughly enjoy your blog - very inspirational and fun.

Ray-Anne said...

Thanks ladies.