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Thursday, 1 November 2007

The hazards of sitting in front of a computer all day

I now have an entry in my diary for the annual posh Xmas company dinner evening.

Think luxurious country estate, walled gardens, a library larger than the public library in the small town where I grew up, and pampering with wonderful food and wine. Gorgeous open fires and huge sofas. Magical.

And one of the very few times in a girl's life when she has the chance to wear SERIOUS frocks and bling. Shoes with heels and thin soles. Make-up from department stores which cost more than your first wage packet.

In other words, all of the items which do not form part of normal life.

Writer's grunge. I shall say no more.

So I now have about six weeks before deciding between :

1. I have lost SO much weight and look SO fantastic that none of my current collection could POSSIBLY do the event justice -new cocktail dress, and shoes coming up!

2. This mince pie is only 100 calories. And home made are so much nicer. And yes, of course I will come along to your Xmas party and scoff sausage rolls and trifle - it would be rude not to. Those hand made fresh cream dark chocolate praline truffles are just for me? How kind.
I already have outfits - I'll be fine.

Um. Tricky one. Any ideas?

What's playing on my YouTube right now? Morning Adrenaline Power Song. Listen with coffee before writing. Repeat as necessary. Foo Fighters. The Best of You.


liz fenwick said...

I am dreading this this year. Having lived in the hotel for two months my waistline is no longer a waist line.........argh....

Kate Hardy said...

Hmm. Why can't you have both?

Fabby new frock AND scrummy party food? That gets my vote :o)