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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

True Romance

I was assigned a new hairdresser yesterday. A pretty blonde lady. Shoulder length hair, blue eyes, probably late 40s. We got chatting - she had just moved back to the UK from sunny California. Then she asked me what I did.

I paused then said that I was a writer. Mostly Romance. [I am still getting used to that idea and it scares the M and S cotton stretch pants off me to say it out loud]

The lady then said that her own love story could come from a romance novel, and if someone wrote it then she would buy it.
Then she started telling me her life while clipping, snipping and shearing. [ I have thick hair].

What can I say?
Heartbreak, best friend betrayal, widowed with 3 young children, disease, meeting the love of her life, refusing his proposal, his vigilence, recovery, fantasy wedding. And he still treats her like a princess every day 15 years later.
And her psychologist had cried when she described her childhood.

Will you use my story in your book, she asked? And bring me in a signed copy?
I laughed and said maybe. Then we got chatting about her writing it down herself - she had been thinking of creating her autobiography.

Did I write it all down the minute I got home? Yes.
Will I use it to create a character? Maybe. Or maybe not.
This is someone who has come through a lot and I don't know if I would feel comfortable using her pain and suffering in a storyline. Plus the amount of trauma would be hard in a short book.

I know I could use some elements -her husband sounds like a remarkable man.

How do other writers deal with this?

What's playing on my YouTube? Robert Downey Jr.

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