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Monday, 9 July 2007

RNA conference - the sequel

What a weekend!
I have only been to one other RNA conference - Penrith, last year, and as a conference 'virgin' focused on the workshops/presentations which were excellent. This year I can honestly say that I learned more [terrific program of speakers], interacted more and used the time more effectively - and talked. And talked. Then talked some more. Trish Wylie was spot on when she said that writers love to talk.
I am completely hoarse. Some people sound attractive with a husky voice. I am not one of them - but it was completely worth it.
Caught up with folks I met last year, met new people, even had dinner with a bestselling US author who wanted to hear about my work and then proceeded to spin my brain with amazing advice and market info. It is still spinning.
I apologise to all the other writers who I deafened, but the excitement, the enthusiasm and the passion for the craft of the writers around me was hard to resist.
We struggle on, white wall, blank page in semi-isolation, then find ourselves thrust into the midst of other writers with completely different ages, lifestyles and life experiences- but sharing the same goals and aspirations - and love of storytelling. What a rush.
Then there were the editors who had given up their weekends to come and talk to us - and hear our dreams and story ideas and give professional input.
We thank them of course, and we mean it, but I wonder if they know how valuable their feedback is?
The authors may have a passion for what they are writing - but we all have doubts. Human nature. We do need to hear from someone external to our lives, that we are not completely wasting our time. We do mean it when we thank them for giving us their time.
And not trampling on our dreams.
Yes. Publishing is a business and a serious competitive business, and yes, we are essentially creating a product, which someone will have to believe in and sell to customers, looking for that product for their customers. But in what other industry would you find that level of mutual support and positive encouragement from all levels of the business, beginners and pros?

I need some serious lying down in a quiet room with a blanket over my head.


liz fenwick said...

I am still trying to absorb all I learned and recover from the lack of sleep and too much talking too :-)

phillipa said...

Ray-Anne. It was lovely to meet you and my head was spinning too after just one day. So many ideas, great workshops and most of all, as you say, talking to experienced and new authors is a huge boost. Also scary when you realise how tough the market is. But it would be worth it just to have met the romance community. Good luck btw with your submission.