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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Opening Scene

I have been reading far too much lately about story structure.

[The main culprit =, the excellent online writing course. See Scene Structure section, although there are a number of author sites and e-Harlequin articles which share the blame.]

Suddenly I feel the need to plan out the opening scene of my new story and write down on paper where the turning points/beats of the scene are going to be.
Normally I do this work completely in my head, and my leading actors come on stage, say their lines, and I add the layers later.
I have never been a complete pantser, but this time, armed with the extended synopsis and detailed character profiles, I feel more comfortable working on the structure in advance, instead of in retrospect.
I may only need to do this for the first chapter or so to get the story rolling. We shall see if this results in less revision later. Or not. Further bulletins to follow. Wish me luck.
Never a dull moment.

What’s playing my YouTube right now? I am quite unashamed to say -American Woman by Lenny Kravitz - just right for a wet evening.

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