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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Author Web Sites - Content

Jennifer Crusie has just about summed up the ideal website for a specific new release she is working on. Jenny has 62 comments on this post from her readers!

Literary Agent Kristin [] has this to add 'Websites by nature are static. If very little changes, it won’t draw readers back to the site (and the purpose of the site ceases to be all that valuable). How does one make a dynamic site?
1. Have it professionally done. Amateur sites can hinder more than help. If you aren’t a plumber, then you wouldn’t try to tackle sweating pipes. Leave it to the professionals. It’s worth paying for expertise.
2. It’s all about the content—of course! You need to provide it. If it’s just about your books or you as the author, it won’t draw repeated visits. Make it valuable.' There is more on the detail on her post.

And then there are the author photos. Excellent excuse for a make-over with full slap at the nearest beauty counter. Watch out for the eyeshadow.

Stealing an idea from Kristin -What’s playing my YouTube right now? In the Arms of An Angel by Sarah Mclachlan to Grey's Anatomy.

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