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Friday, 13 July 2007

Picture me a hero

I think I have found the photos to help me with the character of my hero. Thanks to Just Jared for the links to images of Paul Sculfor.

I am, of course, totally heartbroken about imagining this hot chap nekkid. How ever will I live with myself?


Nell said...

I feel your pain. lol

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pics...

You won a prize on my blog party, btw - I'm having problems with my forwarder, which just isn't working at the moment, so please can you contact me at

myfirstname dot mysurname @ btinternet dot com

(obviously with kate and hardy and . rather than the "full out" stuff ahead - this is an attempt to avoid spam because I learned the hard way what happens if you post your email addy... *g*)