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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Somewhere for your treasures/stash

Julie Cohen* has been blogging recently about the capacity of available storage space and her rapidly expanding collection of precious books.

Otherwise known in this house as 'The Stash.'

Could this be a possible answer?

To paraphrase Gollum - I wants them, I needs them. My precious.



Kate Hardy said...

What a great idea.

The chair itself doesn't look comfy enough for reading (I'd want one I can curl up in) but imagine if you had pull-out shelves built into the chair, in the bit that's basically a box frame. It could work a bit like a library's "stack" system.

I must tidy my office. Except I have revisions and two books to be written by the end of this month. I'm gone :o(

Debs said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I NEED one of those for me!

Ray-Anne said...

Agree completely Kate. Good idea but you would have to work on the comfort element.
Chaise longue comes to mind!

Julie Cohen said...

Want one. Want two. Want four.