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Monday, 3 March 2008

How to write a Great Query Letter

'How to Write a Great Query Letter' is available as a Free E-book from the lit agent author Noah Lukeman.

There are so many resources out there on how to submit, but for the US market, many agents only ask for an inital Query letter= which can be sent by E-mail, so this is could be the only chance you might have to demonstrate your work.

No pressure at all then.


Debs said...

It's so difficult deciding what to write when submitting.

Loved the pic too.

Ray-Anne said...

There are SO many different ideas on the internet about what to include in a query I tend to stick to the submission guidelines on the agent's website. The pitch is always hard, especially for someone unpublished like moi. And in a hard commercial world, darleenk, I suppose it is sell, sell, sell.. good thing we are gorgeous. :-)

liz fenwick said...

Thanks for the link!