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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Thinking like a Company Director

The fiction writer is the CEO of their own company. So why not think like a business owner? Here are some helpful job roles to which I have assigned tasks.

Departments - each with their own palatial office. Snarf.

Finance and Investment. Yes, please, I would love a new desk/laptop/software for my birthday instead of bling and chocs

Leadership. No. I have already told you. No sweets until you have photocopied that article on ‘How to write a Bestseller’, then there is all that filing of Rejection Slips to do.

Change management. Well, yes, I could switch from Regency to Paranormal Erotica. I suppose. And graphic World War comics are always popular.

Executive education. I’ll take a copy of Heat, Woman’s Weekly and News of the World please.

Marketing. I can write a few words for the local free paper if you like.

Insurance and Pensions. [ What’s that?]

Health economics. I do NOT have writer’s bum!

Strategic Management. Maybe I should buy a diary – they are a bit cheaper in February

Human Resources - See under leadership.

Operations Management. How many words? By when?

Managing Technology. Yes, I know PRECISELY where to put that Memory Stick. And Vista means View doesn’t it?

Real Estate. But you said I could use the old coal cellar as a writing space – not a wine cellar. I don't mind having no light or heat. really.

There are of course, many more, but I think you get the idea.
Now please excuse me while I polish my candlesticks and chose which diamond necklace to wear today.

What's playing on myYouTube right now? Shayne Ward - Breathless.

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Debs said...

If only my company had a turnover to speak of. Wouldn't it be wonderful to make a profit?