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Friday, 8 February 2008

Know your Brand

CJ Lyons is a new Medical Thriller Writer to me, and there are some interesting articles on her website .

One in particular struck home - in 'Birth of a Book' she writes;

' You already know what kind of book you wrote and what kind of books you want to write. Now you need to consolidate that into a brand.

A brand is a subliminal promise to your readers—that any book written under this
author's name will promise this type of emotional experience.

For example.... every book I write has a theme central to my life: they're all about
making a difference, trying to change the world.
For me, once I realized this fact, the tagline came easily: No One is Immune to Danger
Note that is an emotional concept, not a promise of specifics

This is a familiar concept to writers of Romantic Fiction, and most authors have a form of Tagline on their websites and promotional material.

But this article did make me consider one aspect which was new to me.

In ALL of the books I have ever written. Ever. Was there one common theme?

Was there one common element which was important to me and central to my life?

One common Tagline which has been there for the last 10 years and will see me through the next?

Well, working that one out should keep me busy for a while.

Second Item - I am thrilled to have been presented with a Blog award by both Liz Fenwick and Debs - thank you so much ladies. It makes me feel that this is not only a fine form of procrastination.,

What's Playing on my YouTube today? Power Wake-up Music.


CJ Lyons said...

Thanks so much for checking out my site! I'm so happy you found my article on the year before your book is published, Birth of a Book, helpful!

My own debut, LIFELINES, will be released on March 4th, so I'll probably be writing a follow-up about surviving your novel's infancy, lol!

Happy writing!

Ray-Anne said...

Look forward to it CJ and thank you for taking time out to visit my blog. :-)

Debs said...

My pleasure, re the award. I find your blog most inspiring and fun to read. I now have to go and think about taglines.