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Friday, 5 October 2007

Writing Advice

The inspirational Jurgen Wolff sent me to the Barley Hut blog+ for this list of Writing Tips which is modestly entitled ' The Only General Writing Advice you will ever need.'

This is his list:

1. Writing and Editing are two separate, and different processes.
2. Writing and Editing are two separate, and different processes. It is that important
3. Write first. Edit later.
4. Write first. Edit later. It is that important.
5. Outline only if it works for you.
6. Write every day.
7. Write what you want to read, not what you think someone else will.
8. Keep a ritual.
9. Stick to it.
10. When you are not writing, read.
11. Read a lot.
12. Read everything: comics, newspapers, novels, magazines, screenplays, poetry, billboards, tattoos, mustard wrappers, everything.
13. Read your own writing. Out loud.
14. Read other people’s writing. Out loud.
15. Don’t read to comprehend. This is about writing.
16. Read to write. Notice the context, flow, and tone.
17. Listen to people speak.
18. Don’t listen to comprehend. This is about writing.
19. Notice the context, flow, and tone.
20. Write with different tools: keyboard, pencil, ink pen, crayon, dirt, whatever.
21. Write on different mediums: grid paper, lined paper, blank paper, cardboard, LCD, canvass, dirt, whatever.
22. Write in different places, but keep and maintain a Writing Home.
23. Tell everyone you write: your family, your friends, the postman, the prostitutes, everyone.
24. But don’t tell anyone exactly what you are writing: not even the prostitutes.
25. Strike dead every ‘should’ you have about writing.
26. Put aside this list, and every other piece of advice, or book, or adage about writing ever offered.
27. And write every day.

I have to say that I have never been a fan of reading my own work out loud, since I read it in my head as I write. Maybe something I should think about.

And you have to love the power of repetition. And no 7.

No YouTube - Mozart on Radio 3.

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