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Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Glastonbury. One sacred site. And the goalposts are another.
The All Black Rugby team are well known for performing the Haka before a match.

From what I understand * this is not a war dance but a ceremonial without weapons intended to combine spirituality and physicality.

Most people know the Ka Mate form of the Haka

but the translation of the Haka 'Timatanga' is worth looking at [ and click on 'more' in the caption box.] This was a match against the British Lions.

My own brothers play Rugby and it is not a game for whimps who dislike the smell of hospitals. What could beat the powerful combination of physical power and mental strength?

I am not from New Zealand myself, but I find watching these men inspiring and energising. I would not like to be standing a few feet away on a grass field. What about you?

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