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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Ray-Anne went to Austria to walk in the Alps in the wonderful sunshine. The plan was a total success for the first 3 days.

And then it snowed.

For three days. The first week in September.

The kind of snow we have not seen in the south of the UK for years. We were above 1500 metres and it was a real blizzard for the first two days, then wet snow for the last.

Liz Fenwick has gone to Dubai. I got snowed on.

And it was fantastic!

How many times do you get the chance to walk through 8 inch snow in a larch forest with flakes the size of fifty pence pieces drifting down around you? For me - not many. Thanks to the power of GoreTex and climbing boots, it was a magical experience which, sorry to say, was impossible to capture in a photo.

The scenary in the Tyrol with snow-covered peaks was simply stunning.

This was my first visit to Austria, but I suspect it will not be the last.

There may be a story in this somewhere....

Now off for another few days to the north of England. Then hopefully back to the writing.

No You Tube Today. 24 hour deadline for postholiday sleep, laundry, repack.


liz fenwick said...

It sounds absolutely fabulous:-) It was only 33 degrees on the school run this morning at 8 am! It's getting cooler by the day...

Ray-Anne said...

Sorry for laughing out loud at that one Liz.
I do love walking and one of the reasons we take holiday in May and Sept is to avoid the 33 degrees plus - somehow we always manage to be climbing hills in the hottest part of the day far from habitation!
Hope all is well = and thank you for taking the time out to post a comment - take care, Ray-Anne