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Friday, 29 June 2007

Myers-Brigg Personality Testing
I first came across this type of personality testing when interviewing folks in a company I used to work for, since they were industry standard in matching job roles vs candidates, but I have never taken these tests seriously as a guide to character creation.
Bob Meyer thinks otherwise - I have been following the Jenny Cruisie/Bob Meyer writing course and finding it excellent for lateral thinking/ideas generation, but never followed up on the character profile work until now.
Oh dear.
I have just been through the questions. As me. And the resulting analysis is so close to the truth as to be embarrassing- and elucidating. Whodathoughtit?
It would drive me crazy asking each of my characters to go through the questions, but during initial development of the Hero and Heroine? And particularly the Antagonist. Why not? A definite resource.

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