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Monday, 26 May 2008

All Change.

Saturday 24th May. 12.20pm outside Kefallinia airport- outside temp. 32oC. Calm, cobalt seas and sky. Warm breeze carrying scent of jasmine and oleander.

Monday 26th May. 7.39am Basingstoke backbedroom - outside temp - well, it is cold, lashing down with rain and the trees are bending over in the wind. Scent of toilet bleach and electricals.

See pics above. I don't really need to add any more to that, do I?

Back here in the real world, and it is all change.

From 1st June I shall be migrating over to a new blog on Wordpress. The address is :

All of the posts from this blog will be transferred over, and this blog will be kept open for a month or so then archived. You can still make comments on the Wordpress blog as normal from a Blogger account.

Why move?

Wordpress has a lot more features - including the ability to add a lot more layers and background pages similar to a website. I do not currently have a website and am holding back until I have a clear idea of what my PenName is going to be, so Wordpress seems to me like a great stopgap site.

And the new blog will be under my name, making it easier for folks to find me.

I do hope that you will bookmark my new site and come and visit from 1st June.

In the meantime I need to work on the new blog so it is ready for visitors.
See you there soon.


Debs said...

What beautiful pictures, glad you had a lovely holiday.

Looking forward to seeing your new blog.


Ray-Anne said...

Thanks Deb.